Ismar Vasquez

I am a detail-oriented I.T. professional possessing 5+ years of experience and knowledge. I am seeking to further facilitate my skills and launch my career to a new level. As of recently, I have mostly been working independently producing media and freelancing. Nonetheless, I have had the pleasure to learn, apply and retry various different fields within this amazing era of technology. Therefore, I am confident that I can exponentially contribute to your Institution's needs and goals.

My Cover Letter:

I humbly believe that my attitudes as an individual have always been outstanding. I know myself to be a very dedicated and consistent employee who can work flawlessly within teams or individually. I take pride in the work I do so as to always produce the most efficient results. My optimistic enthusiasm towards learning is a major pillar for my success and growth. I gladly welcome a new challenge with a smile!

The realm of technology is massive and can entail many different aspects. Fortunately, I have been able to gain and apply experience in many of these diverse environments. I am proficient in information technology fields such as web-development, networking, graphic design, video editing, coding, software/hardware troubleshooting and more.

I have exceptional analytical skills, I am familiar with big data manipulation and I have experience in reporting/presenting information. I usually focus on organization, detail-orientation and efficient communication when handling any project. I possess an associates degree as Computer Technician and I'm fluent in both English and Spanish languages.

I try to be open-minded towards different angles, ideas and opinions so as to foster my own creativity. My father always says that if you are going to do something, you should do your utmost best. That saying has translated to my greatest value of consistently going the extra mile. Pursuing the work I love to do has ignited my ambition for success tenfold. And it is that same fiery ambition that I propose as an asset to you and your endeavor.

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